Life of a Miner

September 9, 2007

Here are two interesting videos that take a look at miners’ lives in US and Mexico.

The first story centers around American bootleg (independent) miners and their struggle to protect their livelihood and way of life. In the second clip, laid-off miners in Mexico’s Real del Monte talk about the history of mining in their town and the hardship of living on their $7 to $27 per month retirement fund ($1 =11.14 Mexican pesos).

WoodShop Films: Hard Coal: Last of the Bootleg Miners

Last of the Bootleg Miners


Alive in Mexico: The Struggles of Mexico’s Real del Monte Miners

The Struggles of Mexico’s Real de Monte Miners

(Thanks to SplashCast for the links to these websites)

Here are some links to photo essays about Ohio coal miners, and gold and diamond mining in the Congo, Angola and Sierra Leone:

Coal Mines by James Nachtwey

Rape of a Nation by Marcus Bleasdale

A Trail of Diamonds by Kadir van Lohuizen digg it technorati


Coney Island Update

September 6, 2007

The Post reported yesterday that two of Coney Island’s favorite rides, the Spider and the Zipper, were dismantled on Tuesday after its operator failed to obtain a lease extension from developer Joseph Sitt.

The same day, Coney Island’s “Eak the Geek,” Eduardo Arrocha, walked into the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan, on his way to becoming “a freak lawyer.”

Want more Coney Island?
Check out this great photo essay from Magnum in Motion. digg it technorati