At the UN climate conference in Bali, delegations of scientists not only called for deep cut in greenhouse gas emissions, but also showed new ideas to tackle climatic change.

Also, hear all about a mechanical tree being proposed by a Columbia professor. digg it technorati


Santa Claus Tracker

December 5, 2007

Christmas is fast approaching and we all want to make sure Santa doesn’t forget about us.

The NTS, or North American Aerospace Defense Command Tracking Service, was created in the mid-50s to track Santa as he makes his way around the world on Christmas Eve. Read and hear about how it all began.

And now, you can now track Santa in 3D, starting at 2 a.m. on Dec. 24, by downloading Goggle Earth. digg it technorati

According to the Gotham Gazette, New York City produces more than 7 billion pounds of garbage every year.

Play the Garbage Game and try to come up with a solution to the city’s garbage disposal problem.

I played The Gotham Gazette Garbage Game and sent 5,406,744 tons of refuse across 3,243,350 miles. digg it technorati

NBC has a new interactive feature where you can compare candidates opinions on key issues such as Energy, Health Care and the Iraq War.

You can watch videos of each candidate speaking on the different subjects, and also read a brief explanation. There’s also links to news articles related to the specific topics and candidates.

But most importantly, the feature lets you weigh in on their opinion. You can rate each candidates proposal and compare your views to others like you. digg it technorati