The neighbors of a 13-year old girl who hanged herself last year over a MySpace prank are using age-old tactics to make those whom they deem responsible pay.

The Saint Louis Today reports that neighbors of Lori and Curt Drew have made threatening phone calls, thrown a brick through a window and damaged their lawn, among others things. In the latest incident someone called 911 to report that there was a dead body at the Drews’. As many as 15 deputies showed up, but no body was found.

The spat began when it was made public that Lori Drew posed as a teenage boy in MySpace to find out what her neighbor, Megan Meier, was saying about her daughter. In order to gain her confidence, Lori flirted with Megan and after a month broke off their online relationship. Megan, who had been emotionally unstable, killed herself shortly after. digg it technorati


An independent contractor hired by the town of Barceloneta to clear three housing projects of animals, allegedly disposed of them by throwing them off a bridge in a nearby town, the Associated Press reports.

“This is an irresponsible, inhumane and shameful act,” the mayor of Barceloneta, Sol Luis Fontañez, told the AP.

Because of a no-pet policy, residents of the housing projects were force give up their pets in order to avoid eviction, residents of the Antonio Dávila Freytes Houses told El Nuevo Dia.

Animal Control Solutions were paid $60 for every animal recovered and $100 for each trip to the shelter. Instead, the recovered pets and strays were thrown off a 50-feet-high bridge in the town of Vega Baja, witnesses said.

Eighty dogs and cats were killed.

“I saw my cats in the cage they put them. And then I saw them on TV, after they threw them off the bridge. They killed my cats and I saw them, those were my cats,” 10-year old Thalía Pérez told El Nuevo Día.

A representative for Animal Control Solutions denied the allegations, but as early as tomorrow the Administration for Public Housing is expected to press charges against the contractor. digg it technorati