Finally, solutions to global warming that make sense

December 5, 2007

At the UN climate conference in Bali, delegations of scientists not only called for deep cut in greenhouse gas emissions, but also showed new ideas to tackle climatic change.

Also, hear all about a mechanical tree being proposed by a Columbia professor. digg it technorati


3 Responses to “Finally, solutions to global warming that make sense”

  1. Gregory Cragg Says:

    I looked at your finally not one is worth its salt too expensive when there are other solutions that use old technology that are not as expensive and do not hurt other environments.
    The carbon capturing machine has already been invented and is considered old technology.
    The problem is the powers that be are not interested in doing anything worthwhile they have had years what has been done to date NOTHING Global warming is like the Mid EEast we will never win this battle never.

  2. R. Ortiz Says:

    I was kinda being sarcastic with “solutions that make sense.” But then again, I’m not a scientist (mmm…anymore).

  3. Even if scientists disagree I list on my site ways to save money and help the environment. Frankly, it is hard to know what to believe.

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