Bloomberg for President?

December 5, 2007

He’s advisor Kevin Sheeky seems to think so.

The Politicker is keeping track of Sheeky’s Facebook moves and reports that in Dec. 2 he joined the groups Michael R. Bloomberg for Pres. of U.S.A., and Draft Bloomberg.

He also found time to become a fan of Draft Bloomberg.

Still our mayor insists he is NOT running for president in 2008.

Just the same, here’s Bloomberg on presidential candidates, religion and politics, how the U.S. is viewed internationally, and other topics. digg it technorati


2 Responses to “Bloomberg for President?”

  1. Hey the effort to Draft Mike Bloomberg has a new page at UniteForMike dot com. If you’d like to help us raise awareness of the growing Draft movement or Mike Bloomberg himself please check us out!

  2. Another site that may interest you is:

    It is informational, and contains statements by politicians from both parties, notable business leaders and others regarding a possible third-party run by Mike Bloomberg. It also contains some videos of interviews and others of Mike speaking on issues.

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