Council member Comrie ‘helps’ local economy

October 14, 2007

Ahead of a report by the government watchdog group Citizens Union about ad spending by the City Council, a Queens council member claims his ads help the local economy, the New York Sun reports.

Leroy G. Comrie Jr, who did not specify the amount he spent in ads, will reportedly be named as one of the top 10 ‘offenders’ in the report. He said his ads, paid for with taxpayers money, help the local economy and that neighborhood newspapers regularly ask him to buy advertisements.

“I didn’t do anything that was incorrect,” he said. “I have tried to be amenable and tried to help the economic vitality of the local papers in my district.”

To be fair, Comrie seems to be one of the hardest working members of the council. He secured over $700,000 of the council’s 2007 discretionary fund for his district, coming in at a close second behind council member Weprin, but sponsoring the highest number of individual items.

The council is expected to introduce legislature that will end members’ advertisement spending after the report comes out on Monday. digg it technorati


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