Guess the Candidate

October 13, 2007

The guys at Radar Magazine have compiled a list of “fun facts” about the leading presidential candidates. “Meet the Candidates” is categorized by Religion, Background, Relevant Experience, and Family Values, and includes details about candidates Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney.

Here are four descriptions taken from Radar’s piece. Can you guess the candidate? (These ones should be easy)


An agnostic in college, now professes a return to his/her Christian faith, but passed up a key enlightenment opportunity when he/she told a spiritual guru who facilitated his/her “conversations” with Eleanor Roosevelt and Gandhi that he/she didn’t want a séance with Jesus.


Drank, smoked pot, and used “a little blow” at his/her tony tropical prep school. Has suggested that this behavior was driven by a need to escape from the confusion of his/her racially mixed background, a story line rejected by a fellow mixed-race classmate as “bullshit.”

Relevant Experience

Exhibited “poor judgment,” according to the Senate Ethics Committee, as a key player in the “Keating Five” Savings & Loan scandal, which cost taxpayers $2 billion. Also showed poor judgment by dating a stripper named “The Flame Thrower.”

Family Values

His/her father did time in Sing-Sing for robbing a milkman. In a possible homage to Pop, this candidate admits that on one Father’s/Mother’s Day, he/she canceled plans to play ball with his/her son/daughter to cheat on his/her wife/husband with a staffer at City Hall.

Also from Radar, here’s an interactive feature that shows you a graphical representation of the most popular online searches. Categories (27 in total) include: 2008 Contenders, Isms, and Foreign Despots. digg it technorati


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