Brian de Palma’s ‘Redacted’ awarded two prizes at the Venice Film Festival

September 8, 2007

Brian de Palma’s new controversial Iraq war movie won the Digital Award from the Future, a day after it was announced it will receive a special UNICEF award.

‘Redacted’ tells the story of the rape and murder of a 14-year old girl by US soldiers in the town of Mahmudiya in March 2006.

The docu-drama, composed of soldiers home-made videos posted on You Tube, media reports and documentary-style staged shoots, received a standing ovation on its opening night and shocked festival audiences.

Brian de Palma discusses ‘Redacted’:

“In Vietnam, when we saw the images and the sorrow of the people we were traumatizing and killing, we saw the soldiers wounded and brought back in body bags. We see none of that in this war,” De Palma said.

“It’s all out there on the Internet, you can find it if you look for it, but it’s not in the major media. The media is now really part of the corporate establishment,” he said.

“When I went out to find the pictures, I said (to the media) give me the pictures you can’t publish,” he said, adding that because of legal dangers he too had to “edit” the material.

‘Redacted’ will premiere in American theaters in November. digg it technorati


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